Artwork by RxBxT

psymaticsレーベルの新作は、前作に引き続き蜻蛉-Tonbo-によるEPが12月28日配信開始されます。今回は全編四つ打ちに挑戦し、Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Musicなど主要ストリーミングサービスや、iTunes・Bandcampで配信されます。配信開始に先駆けて試聴音源を公開しました。


蜻蛉がマイクを握りパーカッシブにフロアへと誘うM1:SubspaceEntrance、フロアを漂うようなグルーヴを意識したディープハウス的なトラック M2:Other、ブロークンビーツに自身の声をフィーチャーしたエモい一曲 M3 Smokers Forest、シンプルなループをソリッドにDub wiseしたM4:Glideを収録している。

Artist : 蜻蛉-Tonbo-
Title : Visions
Cat No. : PSYM-012
Format : Digital
Release Date : 2018/12/28
Artwork : RxBxT
Mastering : Koyas at Koyas Studio

  • Track List
    1. Subspace Entrance
    2. OtherTrack List
    3. Smokers Forest
    4. Glide

Soundscapes of “House & Techno dance floor” made by Tonbo.
4 various taste tracks of BPM116, wrapped with his outlook of the world.

In previous releases his style was more like hip-hop and bass music that has feeling of backstreet of Shibuya.
Although in this new release “Visions” he focused on dance music with four on the floor.
This digital release includes 4 tracks;
Tonbo on the mic percussively guiding listener to the dance floor “M1:Subspace Entrance”.
“M2:Other” is a deep house like track with floating groovy atmosphere.
“M3 Smokers Forest” is a emotional track featuring his vocal mix with broken beats.
Techno track “M4:Glide” which has dubby feeling solid beat loop.


自身の作ったトラックと即興マイクパフォーマンスで根元的な魂の在り方を紐解く音楽家。2017年1月 1st Album “TOKYO MAD CAVE”、翌年にはEP”Yellow Trance”をリリース。他にもSakiko Osawa , Lotus Land , Muff 等のRemixも手掛けている。
東京都渋谷区を中心に魂解放区最前線 乱痴気大騒動「蜻蛉祭」を不定期開催中。

A Tokyo-based musician who explores how a fundamental soul should be through his own tracks and his improvisational mic performances. His works cover not only his own first album called “Tokyo Mad Cave” released in 2017 and ep “Yellow Trance” in 2018, but also his remix works for various artists such as Sakiko Osawa, Lotus Land and Muff, just to name a few.
He also runs his party called “Tonbo-Matsuri” around Tokyo’s Shibuya district setting “soul-liberating frontline chaotic riot” as its main concept.

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