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Psyche・Chill・Bassをテーマにした新しい形のJapanese Beat Music

東京 渋谷を拠点に数多くの現場を渡り歩く蜻蛉-TONBO-がPsyche・Chill・Bassをテーマに作り上げた本作。
ゲストミャージャンとして、蜻蛉の盟友である三味線演奏家の東京月桃三味線と、岐阜の女性ボーカリスト=木歌が参加しており、ジャンルに囚われない新しい形のJapanese Beat Musicに仕上がっている。

Artist : 蜻蛉-Tonbo-
Title : Yellow Trance
Cat No. : PSYM-011
Format : Digital
Release Date : 2018/10/5
Artwork : RxBxT
Mastering Engineer : Koyas at Koyas Studio
Track List
1. Zipang feat 木歌
2. Gion feat 東京月桃三味線
3. Amata
4. Aiueo

Atmospheric synths with chilled vibes on top of driving beats
A new type of Japanese beat music in contexts of psychedelic, chill-out and bass music
Featuring Tokyo Ghetto Shamisen and female singer Mocca

This release, which was based on Tokyo Shibuya, TONBO (means Dragonfly in Japanese) that crosses the site and created Psyche · Chill · Bass as a theme.

Synth that makes Chillwave feel like a beat in front makes coloring the space, building a special music world.

As guest musician, the Shamisen (Japanese traditional string instrument ) player Tokyo Ghetto Shamisen and female vocalist Mocca from Gifu participate, and finished in a new form of Japanese Beat Music that is borderless genre.




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自身の作ったトラックと即興マイクパフォーマンスで根元的な魂の在り方を紐解く音楽家。2017年1月 1st Album “TOKYO MAD CAVE”をリリース。他にもSakiko Osawa , Lotus Land , Muff 等のRemixも手掛けている。
東京都渋谷区を中心に魂解放区最前線 乱痴気大騒動「蜻蛉祭」を不定期開催中。

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Tonbo is a Tokyo based producer, his musical principle is to unravel his meaning of existence of his spirit with improvised mic performance and his original music. He released his first album, Tokyo Mad Cave, on Jan., 2017, then he has contributed remixes to his friend artists like Sakiko Osawa, Lotus Land, Muff and more.
He also runs his party Tonbo Matsuri, a crazy bash to make a place for releasing spirits.


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