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Artwork by Stone63


前作が好評だったSancho Meiso Chaya / 山頂瞑想茶屋とKoyasによるリリース第2弾!今回もハードウェアを駆使したセッションを元に構成され、テンポが遅めの四つ打ちサウンドになりました。
TB-303やテープエコーなどアナログ感あふれるダビーなスローハウス〜ディープハウスなトラックで、あらためて聞いてみると”Dusty & Smoky”タイトルどおり不健全な音です。そういうのがお好きな方どうぞ!

Decadent sound filled with dusty texture and smoky atmosphere by two veteran live-acts

This is second EP by Sancho Meiso Chaya & Koyas, two Tokyo-based veteran artist/producer. To make this EP. they had hardware-based sessions like previous release, as the result their track is slow tempo even-kick one.
They tracks feature analog gears such as TB-303, tape echo and modular synth, as we listen the tracks after the production finished, the sounds feel just like “Dusty & Smoky”. Recommend for obscene sound lovers!

Sancho Meiso Chaya & Koyas “Dusty & Smoky”

Title : Dusty & Smoky
Artist : Sancho Meiso Chaya & Koyas
Cat. No. : PSYM-017
Release Date :2022.11.4
Format : Digital
Produced by Sancho Meiso Chaya & Koyas
Artwork by Stone63
Mastered by Kazuaki Noguchi

Track List

01 Dusty Dub
02 Smoky Club




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