“Play as it flows and be spot on” –  Third release from our collaboration EP series features Tokyo-based techno duo consist of CD HATA from Dachambo, one of the most well-known jam band in Japan, and KOYAS, a certified trainer of music making software – Ableton Live.

Based on their established skill sets as well as their spontaneous jam band spirit, this EP comes from a collection of carefully reconstructed excerpts of their hardware driven jam sessions of which key concept is “machine”, bearing their unique slogan “Play as it flows and be spot on” in mind.

Once they do theme stuff, they layout their loads of gears such as synthesizers, rhythm machines and effectors like a music gear shop. Thereafter they start to jam around with them altogether.

Although what they play is strictly based on improvisation, the outcome is ready to rock the dance floor.


Artist : CD HATA x KOYAS
Title : Machineries
Catalog Number : PSYM-009
Format : Digital
Release Date : Aug. 17, 2018
Mastered by Matsusaka Daisuke (Studio Sprout Lab , Off-Tone)

Track List
1. Spring Lover
2. Kati Kati
3. Roll Pusher


コラボレーションシリーズ第3弾は、日本を代表するジャムバンドDachamboのMachine担当=CD HATAと、音楽制作ソフトウェア=Ableton Liveの認定トレーナーであるKOYASによるテクノデュオ。




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